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Aryanandi pariwar

Inspired by the thoughts and works of Param Pujya 108 Acharya Aryanandi Maharaj, established with his blessings "Aryanandi Pariwar" today is successfully moving towards the Silver Jubilee with the support and trust of all of you. Aryanandi Pariwar running Aryanandi Nagri Sahkari Patsanstha Maryadit Solapur, Aryanandi Nidhi Ltd, started as a social commitment, Aryanandi Education and Research Foundation, Aryanandi Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd., Aryanandi Cultural Foundation, Aryanandi Sandesh (Monthly) Along with economic sectors such as cooperation, literature, health, social work, educational classes. "Aryanandi Pariwar" is a pride of the city of Solapur for its revolutionary and remarkable work in the field of journalism family.

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