The Patsanstha was established on 2nd May 1999 established by a Great Visionary, Dr. Rajeshji Phadkule. The Patsanstha was inaugurated by Shri. Rajendraji Darda (The Ex Education Minister of Maharashtra) and Mr. Raju Shetty (The Ex Speaker of Indian Parliament).

     Patsanstha's Head Office is located at Solapur, which is designed in Aryanandi Bhavan building. The Patsanstha has always maintained “A” Grade Records with DDR. In very short span of time, Patsanstha has achieved many peaks of success.

The Total Deposits of the Patsanstha is 13Cr. and The Total Advances is 10 Cr. the Branches of the Patsanstha is well Computerised, using SMART BANKING Systems. Presently, the Patsanstha is Focusing towards the Paperless Patsanstha in System. Kinder Services line RTGS/NEFT, PAN CARD and so on, are available at Solapur Branch.

Patsanstha has been maintaining very good profitability right from the beginning and based on those profits, paying the Dividends to all the Share Holders every year. In the Year 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 Patsanstha disbursed 12% Dividend to all the Share Holders.

Technology Implementation:
In the Technical Aspects, Patsanstha has maintained a very good progress record every year. In a short span of time, Patsanstha has acheived the following heights, to provide the better services to the Customers.

SMS Patsansthaing
RTGS/ NEFT Services through Partner ICICI
NEFT / RTGS Services Directly Mail Banking

Presently, the IT Team of the Patsanstha is concentrating over the following points, to achive the higher level in the Technical Aspects.

Other Services:
The Patsanstha is having a separate Pigmy Department and more than 8 Pigmy Agents, who provide profitable and transparent service to almost 5000 customers. The Patsanstha has given electronic machines to all pigmy agents.
Training & updation:
The Patsanstha is having its own well equipped Training Centre, where all the Employees are provided the training as and when needed, regarging various Patsansthaing Aspects Upgradation.

Social Events : The Aryanandi patsanstha Arrange some social event like aryanandi vadhu-var melava,Kavi Sammelan,Aryanandi Samajik Purskar, Student welfare. The Patsanstha has arranged different seminars, medical Check-up , uniforms distributions, school programs, tree plantations, different cultural activities. The Patsanstha has play different kinds of role in social activities and is always ahead in all social activities and needs of common man. The Credit of this Growth always goes to The Founder & The ChairmanDr.Rajeshji Phadkule, Mr. Mahaveer Gundale (The Vice Chairman), Board of Directors, The Entire Management Committee , All the Staffs of the Patsanstha, The Customers , Shareholders and Well Whishers of the Patsanstha.



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Our Social Sanstha

  • Aryanandi Infrastructure,Solapur
  • Jain Senior Citizen,Solapur
  • Aryanandi Public school,Dhorkin
  • Aryanandi Developers,Solapur
  • Aryanandi Maharaj Smarak,Dhorkin
  • Aryanandi foundation,Solapur
  • Aryanandi Vadhu Melava,Solapur
  • Aryanandi Center Center, Solapur
  • Aryanandi Welfare Trust

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